This site was one of Australia's largest decorating forum.

Established in 2009, it grew to a peak in 2013 before other forums came along and took its place.

Below is an abstract from some of the joyful conversations had in this forum.

Do you really have to choose between security and style, between ambiance and safety? Must bulky cameras stick out like sore thumbs in the midst of your interior design and landscaping arrangements? Not at all! And hiding cameras is important not only for aesthetic reasons but for practical ones as well. A single visible camera outside might be good as a deterrent, but hidden ones can’t be disabled by thieves if they can’t be found! 

For a decent camera system, check out

Video surveillance and motion detection are awesome — we’re going to talk about just how awesome they are later. But equipment will only get you part of the way there. Inevitably, sooner or later, you’re not paying attention when you need to be. 

Did you know that improper placement of motion detectors can lead to costly false alarms? Probably not, and if you’re not in the security industry, why would you? 

Anything worth doing, anything important, is worth doing right. You probably wouldn’t install your own furnace or give yourself stitches. You leave it to the pros, and the same standard should be set for your safety. From choosing the proper equipment and its placement to ensuring it’s installed correctly, complete and effective security requires a lot of consideration.